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Cisco Systems has gradually been setting new standards with the goal of making the Internet the key distribution and communication channel for companies. The execution of this strategy will be most obvious in three functional areas: In order to guarantee customers, Cisco must continue to evaluate the current, as well as future, needs of consumers.

Cisco Systems

The company has adapted to the harsh external environment through globalization and product diversification. The analysis consists of the calculation of four ratios, one from each of the following categories: This is a great strength for the company and will be discussed in more detail in the SWOT analysis to follow.

Evaluation of Alternatives Defense of Selection of Alternatives Having six alternative strategies for Cisco to choose from made it difficult to narrow them down to one.

While those who receive the certification will be the best resource for a business implementing this solution should any problems occur, Cisco must also have support in case a certified professional is unavailable to the company. They can easily switch from Cisco to one of the numerous competitors.

Another type of risk is financial. For instance, the CEO of Cisco Systems makes it his obligation to stay connected with each of his employees.

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It has expanded to 90 countries through direct and indirect sales. Not what you're looking for. For example, these new products would help to entice more home businesses as well as give more employees the opportunity to work from home. After each week a test is available for the students to take.

This allows them to be seen as having a moderate level of power. There will be between six and eight training sessions, which will take place in one-week increments.

Cisco Systems Inc Essay Sample

This innovation fits in the organization because it can use the same basic distinctive competencies that Cisco already employs. In addition to the level of profit, the company should look out for such signs as price of stock, imitation by competitors, volume of orders and etc.

Research and development would be a main cost in developing the accounting information system. The company presents great investment opportunities for any kind of investor.

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Most customers could not easily become their own suppliers. One alternative is that Cisco should develop a strategic alliance with a company such as Motorola.

Cisco stands to gain much revenue, market share, and overall industry power with this move. Through the evaluation of the functional strategies and consideration of our situational analysis, our team was able to choose the three best possible alternatives. The emergence of similar products made by competitors will indicate that the strategy is going in the right direction.

In andthe debt ratios were 0. Other expenses include the increase of personnel, training, and marketing.

The benefits must be weighed against the risks to measure the final outcome. This project will require startup capital for market research in order to conduct surveys and tests for product approval by the public. The addition of an accounting information system is important because it can easily be linked to the already existent portions of the global network, and therefore stops the need for double entry.

Cisco Systems was originally marketed through educational institutions and has expanded into a market leader. After working with Microsoft, Cisco was able to create an industry standard for security over the network while working with other companies to boost Internet services and manufacture computing systems using their products.

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Cisco Systems Inc Essay Sample. Summary On November 13,a global, cross-functional team at Cisco Systems, Inc. was seeking the green light to start manufacturing a new router, code-named Viking.

Cisco systems Inc. was founded by two computer scientists at Stanford University into develop and manufacture networking systems. There was a problem of machines on local networks not able to communicate easily with machines outside that network at the beginning, but later other problems came up as a result of expansion/growth like.

Essay Cisco Systems Case Study. Cisco Systems, Inc. International Business Case Study Executive Summary Cisco Systems is a global market leader and innovator of computer communications and networking solutions. Analysis Company background (Cisco Systems): Cisco Systems is a world leading company in the switches and router market.

Established in by a Stanford University couple, IT administrators Len Bosack and Sandy Lerner. Essay on Cisco Systems, Inc.: Implementing Erp Words | 9 Pages.

1. Cisco suffered from inertia when an attempt was made to engage business management in selecting software for their individual areas, and/or agreeing to participate in the ERP implementation project.

Cisco systems essay
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