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Is either situation fundamentally right or wrong. The German people allowed this group of radicals to dictate their politics and their moral code.

Morality and Cultural Relativism Essay Sample

While Daniel was studying this tribe they accepted him, and eventually made him part of their tribe. Furthermore, the two points raised concerning the negative aspect of cultural relativism can also be seen in the case study presented by Wilson.

Humanity requires something more stable than just a simplistic answer such as relativism. What standing ground does one have when question the morals of another.

It is mere arrogance for us to try to judge the conduct of other peoples. Cultural relativism allow other groups of people to experience a degree of freedom that they so crave without the interference of outside forces who may not have a clear understanding of what they are doing.

The Eskimos men have more than one wife at which they share it with a guest as a sign of hospitality in which also other men can have sexual access to a woman at which a woman can leave her husband and find a new partner.

In some cases the biggest failing of cultural relativism is its tolerance, which is essentially the crux of what cultural relativism is all about. Ethical relativism argues that the ethics of a society evolve with time and change to fit circumstances.

The important thing is whether the person is expressing good moral virtues or not. The laws do not tell us what is morally right or wrong.

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It is also the oldest philosophical theory that speaks about the nature of morality. Furthermore it is intolerant of us to judge other cultural practices as immoral, unethical, or wrong. Cultural relativism also does not allow you to implement aspects of your own culture in your thinking, irrespective of their positive or negative impact.

Cultural relativism allows gross misbehavior that can often lead to violence, violation of human rights etc. On the other hand, virtue ethics is of the impression that a morally right act in some state calls for a moral choice is what a virtuous person would do in that state.

In Cultural Relativism there are no independent standards of what is right and wrong. For instance, female genital mutilation in Africa is a social custom rather than a religious practice. Apartheid was legal and a way of life in South Africa for a long time. This means that we would stop condemning other societies only because they are different from us.

Ethical relativism argues that the ethics of a society evolve with time and change to fit circumstances. This paper will focus on the five ethic theories by describing them and major solely on one theory that supersedes the others and justifying the reasons why it is commonly considered.

For cultural relativism theory there is a certain form of argument at which its strategy used by cultural relativists is to argue from the facts about the differences between cultural outlooks to a conclusion about the status of morality. Ethical Relativism is philosophically defined as the view that whatever is morally correct is determined by the morality and behavior that a culture generally accepts as morally permissible.

In short, the moral truth varies from culture to culture.4/4(1). A different perspective on the subject which in fact adds to the depth of understanding of abnormal psychology is the theory of cultural relativism.

Research in the disciplines of Sociology and Anthropology has added to this debate in that they have shown that there is no absolute normative situation. Ethical relativism essaysEthical relativism is supported by the disagreement about what is right and wrong because of personal and social ethical relativism and the natural law theory.

Ethical relativism can be defined as a theory that holds that there are no universally accepted moral standards. Cultural relativism, an idea rooted in moral relativism is a view that in essence encourages respect and creating boundaries in dealing with people coming from a different social background and culture.

Cultural Relativism Theory and Virtue ethics Essays on cultural relativism as an ethical theory
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