Hiv as a successful pathogen essay

Most efforts are directed at subunit vaccines based on surface envelope antigens of the virus. Although at present, numerous wealthy countries around the world contribute billions of dollars annually towards global assistance programmes aimed at procuring lifesaving HIV drugs, many economists have observed that the growing number of HIV-positive persons throughout the world may doom current assistance programmes if they become non-sustainable over the next several decades for reasons of cost.

Re-testing may be necessary.

Explaining HIV and AIDS

For example, organisms that gain access through broken skin or mucous membranes can cause opportunistic infections. Since its discovery, AIDS has caused nearly 30 million deaths as of Lax procedures for needle sterilization have resulted in a number of hospital-associated outbreaks of AIDS in the Soviet Union and Romania AIDS Institute, AIDS is not transmitted by insects or by casual social contact such as hugging and sharing household facilities, drinking glasses, or towels.

Yet, in the early s, few understood that HIV was primarily a sexually transmitted disease and widespread fear emerged that HIV might be casually transmitted among individuals and that contact with health care professionals and scientists working with the virus might lead to HIV transmission. Transmission by blood transfusion in developed countries is unlikely because blood is tested for AIDS antibodies.

Shortly after the initial infection, the patient undergoes seroconversion—that is, tests positive for antibodies to HIV.

Stage 6 of the infection is the disease condition actually called AIDS; the T4 cell count falls below per milliliter and the patient falls victim to one or several opportunistic infections such as Pneumocystis pneumonia Gallant, A condom should be used for oral contact with the penis, and dental dams a piece of latex used by dentists to isolate a tooth for treatment should be used for oral contact with the vagina or rectum.

HIV blood tests and results Diagnosis is made through a blood test that screens specifically for the virus. HIV also evades the immune system by staying in vesicles within cells so that viral antigens are not displayed on the cell surface and T cells cannot detect the infected cells.

Opportunists are potentially pathogenic organisms that ordinarily do not cause disease in their normal habitat in a healthy person. This paper investigates why HIV is such a successful pathogen and other details that an individual should know about HIV. Implications for Health and Wellness. Integrase inhibitors are often used in the first line of treatment because they are effective for many people, and cause minimal side effects.

However, such vaccines must overcome the problem of many antigenic variants Strohman, Preventions, Diagnosis and Symptoms Until an effective vaccine is developed, preventing HIV by eliminating or reducing risk behaviors is essential. Numerous other approaches are being intensively studied, and the most successful solutions might well be some that are not even anticipated now.

Ten articles cover a wide range of topics, including molecular biology, epidemiology, and treatments. It is noteworthy that only one health care volunteer from developed countries who contracted Ebola while working in Western Africa has died since returning home.

Once inside the infected cell, the viral RNA is transcribed into DNA that remains incorporated into the genetic material of that cell. Dec 01,  · Clearly, the only truly successful way of dealing with the HIV epidemic will be to find a cure for HIV infection.

Unfortunately, this goal remains elusive in spite of the fact that large numbers of scientists from around the globe are currently engaged in such research as well as on efforts to find a safe and effective HIV vaccine.

With that being said, not all vaccines have been proven to be safe or effective. One virus that does not yet have an effective preventative vaccine is the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). HIV is a retrovirus that attacks the human immune system. HIV as a Successful Pathogen Essay Sample. Introduction Ina cluster of cases of Pneumocytis pneumonia appeared in the Los Angeles area.

This extremely rare disease was usually seen only in persons who were immunosuppressed. The assignment will also look into who discovered HIV and also when it was discovered and which was found first between HIV and AIDS also if HIV and AIDS are somewhat related.

Also give a brief description what a pathogen is, also what types of pathogens there are, and look into the human immune system and discuss CD4, T cells and B cells and.

The earlier HIV is detected, the more likely the treatment will be successful. A home testing kit can be used as well. After infection with HIV, it can take from 3 weeks to 6 months for the virus. A.

Essay on HIV/AIDS: Signs, Symptoms and Prevention

HIV as a successful pathogen HIV infects helper T cells named T4 cells (for the DC4 antigen on their surface). Once inside the infected cell, the viral RNA is transcribed into DNA that remains incorporated into the genetic material of that cell.

Hiv as a successful pathogen essay
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HIV as a Successful Pathogen | Essay Example